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Steve Dahmus, practicing astrology professionally since 2000 in Seattle, Washington, uses the original sophisticated astrological techniques developed during the Hellenistic era in Alexandria, Egypt blended with the psychological astrology developed during the 20th century. Here is a confluence of what the Egyptians and Greeks called the Soul with the psychological patterns and realities of modern living to offer guidance and understanding for our life path in general and critical, important issues of all kinds in particular. Find descriptions of the various types of readings offered on the Services page under the headings of General Life Readings, Specific Issues, Current Time Frame, Medical Astrology, Spiritual Path Readings, Astrolocality, and Parent/Child Astrology readings.

The readings give both specific and practical information, yet are generally framed towards developing in the client a deep understanding of a person's life path, their evolution and growth through specific issues intrinsic to each person as elucidated by the charts. The Greeks and Egyptians, rooted in Mesopotamian astrology, who created much of the astrology used today framed this path in terms of archetypes and one's Soul but there is no requirement of any particular religious belief system on the part of the client, nor does it preclude any faith or belief. It simply is about working with and moving through one's life issues, especially those that give us trouble or are hard for us in some way.

Steve incorporates not just the signs and planets known to many, but also hundreds of asteroids, elements of Uranian Astrology and Vedic astrology, over 600 Fixed Stars, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, 30+ Kuiper Belt Objects and minor planets, Sabian Symbols, the Destiny Card System, Primary Directions, the Tarot and Numerology to create a multi-layered, cross-referenced, rich and complex understanding of one's issues. He also teaches 5 levels of Medical Astrology classes to interested Bastyr students as unaffiliated courses.


Image Above: Aries depicted in a 10th Century manuscript of Aratus' Phaenomena which was originally written in the 4th Century BC, Greece.

Image Above: 2nd millennium BC, China: turtle shell with inscriptions used for purposes of divination.